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Import Compliance

Responsibility for import compliance is squarely on your shoulders regardless of your organization's size. As the number of items imported into the United States increases annually it is difficult - if not impossible - for U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to ensure every shipment complies with import regulations. Congress transferred legal responsibility - and liability - from Customs to importers to address this issue.

Your organization must properly classify all imported goods, declaring their correct value, HS Code, appropriate duties and complying with all other import regulations. Non-compliance may result in seizure or loss of goods, robust fines and other penalties. Implementing an Import Compliance program serves as a precautionary defense against audits from the Customs and Boarders Protection (CBP). LCS works with our clients to build a customized Import Compliance Program to meet their business needs.

Import Compliance with LCS

The compliance experts at LCS will analyze your current import compliance procedures, assess how well your organization complies with current import regulations and present a plan to address any compliance gaps and risks. Once formal import compliance policies are established, LCS creates operational procedures based on your company business model, operations, philosophies and strategies. We provide recommendations for improvements to your current operations and develop an import training program that you can utilize with your internal and external customers.

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