ITAR Auditing – What it Means to Your Company

Companies that are found in willful violation of ITAR may face exceptionally high criminal and civil penalties, debarment and up to imprisonment, as well a loss of exporting privileges. Conducting an ITAR audit may mitigate potential ITAR violations. As outlined in the State Department’s “Compliance Program Guidelines”, annual ITAR audits of your ITAR Compliance program should be performed.

ITAR Auditing - LCS Solutions

ITAR Auditing – LCS Solutions
LCS has extensive experience with conducting audits of ITAR Compliance programs. In addition, we offer our expertise to organizations performing internal assessments or for the preparation of an external audit activity.

While conducting the ITAR audit, LCS will carefully analyze and assess of your organization's current ITAR policies and procedures and identify potential compliance gaps and risks within your ITAR compliance program. Through the performance of an ITAR audit, LCS is then able to offer valuable strategies and best practices that are in line with the recommendations of the State Department.

ITAR Auditing - LCS Auditing Services

LCS will develop a customized ITAR audit plan while addressing essential compliance areas including: