ITAR Compliance Services

ITAR Compliance Manual

ITAR Compliance: More than ever before, companies today need to comply with all of the U.S. export regulations. Compliance with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is both necessary and worthwhile to include an ITAR Compliance Program and/or an ITAR Compliance Manual. Enforcement actions by regulatory agencies are increasing. Companies and their decision-makers face exceptionally high legal fines and even criminal penalties for ITAR violations, and can suffer considerable business and public relations consequences as well.

The burden and costs of attaining and maintaining an effective ITAR compliance program may appear overwhelming and intimidating - an unwanted distraction from running and growing your business, and a strain on company resources that are already strained to capacity. In reality, most businesses lack the necessary expertise to identify all of their ITAR compliance gaps and vulnerabilities and very few have a complete understanding of the options and solutions available. Establishing a Corporate ITAR Compliance Program is not easy, however the ITAR Consultants from LCS can minimize the pain. We have assisted many companies across the U.S. to achieve and maintain an ITAR compliance program including implementing an ITAR Compliance Manual and ITAR Training. Our staff of ITAR Consultants can assist you in understanding the complexities of the ITAR and guide your employees efficiently and effectively through the process of gaining compliance expertise and managing regulatory requirements on a recurring basis.

LCS offers a wide array of ITAR training and consulting services, including: