ITAR Training What it Means to Your Company

ITAR Training Help
If your Company manufactures defense articles, handles ITAR technical data or provides defense services implementing an ITAR Compliance program is required. A core element of a sound ITAR Compliance program is ITAR Training as defined in the State Department "Compliance Program Guidelines." Most businesses lack the necessary expertise to identify all of their ITAR compliance gaps and vulnerabilities. A thorough understanding of the ITAR is important to businesses and persons who fall under the jurisdiction of these regulations and without sufficient ITAR training you may be at risk.

ITAR Training LCS Solutions

ITAR Training  LCS Solutions
The ITAR training programs at LCS are designed to provide insight and understanding of the regulations, detailed information on the terms and definitions, and concepts that apply directly to your Organization's processes and procedures and how they relate to the ITAR. Our purpose is to enhance our client's comfort and understanding with the regulations they are required to follow.

LCS has developed a variety of ITAR compliance programs with both large and small businesses that includes delivering a customized ITAR training presentation. In addition, we offer on-site and web conference ITAR training for all levels of your company. As your partner in ITAR compliance, we will give direction and training to your organization and its employees to ensure understanding and application of ITAR compliance requirements.

ITAR Training How ITAR Training Benefits Your Company

Build ITAR awareness throughout the Organization including: