Freight Invoice Auditing Services

Freight Invoice Auditing

Freight Invoice Auditing: Freight bill processing is one of the most time-consuming, expensive and confusing parts of the payables process. Billing errors increase as service and price complexities increase. Market research has determined that 30% of all freight invoices are incorrect and that each freight bill has an average cost to companies of $10.50 for acknowledging, logging, auditing, coding and payment. Due to the time and energy required to accurately audit freight invoices they often end up with someone with little or no experience in freight invoice auditing or they are not audited at all. Auditing freight bills is not seen as a priority at most companies. With no audit and charge-back process this added cost filters to the bottom line and erodes margin as well as inflating transportation spend compared with what was budgeted.

Why not let someone with experience and expertise in freight invoice auditing do the job for you? By outsourcing your freight invoice auditing, you can save time and money over internal auditing procedures. LCS can audit your freight bills for pennies an invoice. We audit for correct classification of freight, delivery commitments, chargeable weight and discounts and surcharges according to negotiated rates. All invoices will be reported so you can track and analyze your company's transportation expenses. We not only audit for errors, we review the invoices for patterns and synergies and provide recommendations that will result in savings and/or efficiency.

We offer a free analysis of your transportation network that can result in significant savings.

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